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1992, a turning point in recreational vehicles in Quebec. In fact, it is in Saint-Antonin, on road 185 (near Rivière-du-Loup) that Caravane 185 Inc was born, following the realization of a dream held by regional artisans.

During this period, Caravane 185 Inc was not only established as outright leader in its field, but the company is among the best in the industry, in all of Quebec.

Located on a strategic site (road 85) it was able to respond favourably to a growing market during all these years and by the same token, provide a solution to an obvious need.

Through the years, Caravane 185 Inc, adapted itself to the new trends and to the needs of the clientele and the leaders were able to offer an incomparable choice of recreational vehicles and furthermore, for all budgets. At Caravane 185 Inc, we regularly offer a choice of 200 to 250 units, among the biggest names in the industry.

As a matter of fact, one of the advantages of dealing with Caravane 185 Inc is the choice. A large exterior showroom, ideal for shopping for your next RV in a relaxing atmosphere, where the smell of the outdoors sets the mood for planning your next recreational adventure.

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